About Us

In recognition of the growing need for reliable, expert community Nursing services in the Colombo area, English Nursing Care Services was established in 2017.

As we developed our service, we were encouraged to add specialist Nursing services alongside Nursing care for the elderly.

An English management team developed our training program and methodology. This training was delivered to our Nurse Supervisors in March 2017 and our first Nurse Assistants commenced training at the end of April 2017.

Our UK supervising team was completed in May 2017 with the addition of a Sri Lankan based UK experienced Nurse and a further UK based Nurse with a Diploma in Tropical medicine.

The support of Dr KD Duminda, as a Visiting Consultant Physician, practising in Colombo has been key in adapting our services for the Sri Lankan setting and in identifying areas where we can add complementary Nursing services to the existing excellent facilities in Colombo.

We are passionate about developing a service that we can all be proud of and which serves those in need of home Nursing in Sri Lanka.

Meet Our Team

Quality Assurance

The quality of our service delivery and your satisfaction with our Nursing is at the heart of our company.

Our Initial care assessment will set out your Nursing preferences and requirements. This is then discussed with the Nursing team and the relevant staff are assigned to your care. Our assessment forms the basis of our detailed care delivery as well as our emergency response. It is reviewed with the client and family members six monthly and more often when required.

Your Nurse healthcheck conducted at the start of our care delivery is reviewed with our in house Consultant Physician for any unforeseen issues and your general health. It is then reviewed weekly during your Nurse visit, and details are recorded in your Client Medical Passport that is available for you to take on hospital visits to provide clinicians with important background information on your general health.

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Non Residents

When you are far away from loved ones, managing their care can be a daunting prospect. We hope to make it easier for you and your loved ones. We are happy to discuss care packages by Skype and conduct the assessment with your loved one in Colombo with your online participation. We arrange the home Nursing package that you wish and then provide you with fortnightly reports on the care delivered to your family member. Your loved one will be enrolled automatically in our English Rose Club, allowing them to participate in a range of events and outings, subject to their health.

Payment can be taken by credit card, so there is no worry about your loved one having to handle the costs of their care.

We are always happy to update you on your loved one’s care. We are only a phone call away.

We will ensure your peace of mind and your family’s care, leaving you to enjoy making contact when you can.


We hope that you will find our prices represent good value for you or your family member.

Please do call us to discuss your requirements and how we can tailor a package of services for your requirements.

Prior to commencing a service you will receive a detailed pricing quotation for the service agreed.


You can reach us to discuss any aspect of our services by email at:  info@englishnursing.com

You can call us at:

+94 11 4500117

You can visit us at the office by appointment at:

15 Vidyalaya Place
Sri Dhamma Mawatha
Colombo 10.

We look forward to assisting you with your home Nursing needs.

Government Approved Home Nursing Care Service
Registered with PHRC